Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Open Letter to Geoff or Anyone Who Cares

An Open Letter to Geoff or Anyone Who Cares

Further to Bhutto to Beggar, Nitrogenous waste from a mental and Debate with Idiots look like we are surrounded by vultures. These vultures have been doing anything and everything possible for their narrow personal gains! We have been fighting against them very successfully. It is hard, difficult and exhausting. However, it is worthwhile.

I can not find any logic, moral or legality behind an idea of abandoning such a moral cause and course! Because, these self-cantered greedy people want the money and power. They are not interested in Taxi Drivers’ welfare. They are shameless. Peoples are waking up and they will be condemned. I have noticed the sign during last Sunday’s meeting! A few drivers from the ‘other side’ got sick and tired of their own friends and expressed their solidarity with us.

These vultures attacked you mercilessly for an innocent mistake of yours and they wanted embarrass you further you for you honourable act. These dishonest people are unable to hold their AGM and other meetings in the local toilet blocks! These self-cantered and greedy people failed to present an independently audited “financial report” during their tenure! In my book, they are worse than a common thief. Most of these disgusting individuals are serial bankrupt and they have bankrupted the NSW TDA account!

You yourself witnessed during the highest level meeting at the Airport, ‘shonky’ Jools was embarrassingly quiet in a corner and he had nothing to contribute! You also can not ignore the fact that these peoples’ combined arrogance and ignorance made the Mac Bank laughing stock of the town and the taxi mafia is smiling!

We did the right thing according to the NSW Supreme Court direction and our membership also did the right thing by expelling these cancerous cells. I said to them before and saying it again, “I’ll see then at the High Court”.

Most of us a decent and hard working people unlike these handful professional crooks! I believe It is our moral obligation to protect the NSW TDA fund and further taxi drivers interest.

We can not walk out from our moral and legal responsibility. We can give in to criminal entity.

Trust me, we will ensure them their place in history.

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