Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Driver Authority Card. Radio Networks & Privacy Issue

10d. The Driver Authority Card. Radio Networks & Privacy Issue.

[01-8] is letter to the Honourable Paul Whelan seeking his assistance to renew my taxi licence due to unfair, undemocratic (possibly illegal) laws and practices imposed on taxi drivers by the Ministerfor Transport regarding changes to licence renewal procedures. Those laws and practices are anti-competitive by nature, provide a detailedand dominant control of taxi drivers by taxi owners, (there by changing the employer-employee relationship), in total breach of privacy and civil liberty related laws. They also in many ways ensurea form of compulsory unionism of taxi owners (isn't it illegal?) tothe detriment to workers, public and state in general. [09-10] is the usual evasive reply from the Minister for Transport.

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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