Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Supply and Demand of Labour in the NSW Taxi Industry.

10m. The Supply and Demand of Labour in the NSW Taxi Industry.

The issue of the excessive number of taxi drivers available is notonly something affecting the nature and scope of training schoolsincome desires. It should be noted however that the decline in thequality of driver service is more related to the removal of aseniority register for drivers and the influx of unscrupulousinvestors who do not care about the quality of the vehicle or thetaxi drivers. A fertile area of investigation for ICAC would be todemand the public availability for all vital statistics concerningthe number of drivers registered and licensed and the number of taxisand the number of passenger journey.

Even from the limited statistics the DOT has supplied to me it isobvious that the problem of delays in service and the unavailabilityof taxis at choke points (the airport) and peak demand periods couldbe easily eliminated if the Networks, FAC, Police, etc were compelledto conduct their roles more efficiently and communicate the needs ofthe public more effectively. Obviously the corrupt few who benefit bythe flooding of Sydney's roads with more and more taxis (and hencethe demand for more drivers) have no vested interest in reducing thecurrent driver non-engaged ratio of 65-70% compared to engagement ofonly 30-35%.

An example of how difficult it is to extract basic information fromthe government is exemplified by the following: [T1-2] is a letterwritten to the Minister for Transport asking a few pertinentquestions. [T3] is his honest (?) and intelligent (!) reply. [T4] isa receipt of $30.00 taken from me for the offence of asking questions.

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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