Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shortage of City Cabs at Changeover Time

10i. Shortage of City Cabs at Changeover Time

A press release from the Minister for Transport said he would improve the so-called shortage of taxis in the city at changeover time by extending trading hours of some taxis and request the "Taxi Council"to ensure that base operators staggered changeover times.[S1]The "Taxi Council" misled the Minister about compliance with staggered shift changeover times in order to increase the value of taxi plates, extend driver working hours, and, obtain extra cabs on the road. It can be clearly demonstrated that the Minister faileddespite the record of achievement he claimed in his press release.Press articles provide clues on how the "Taxi Council" took him for aride. In this "changeover" episode workers and the travelling public got little advantage, but taxi owners increased the value of their assets (?) and many are now forcing drivers to work up to 18 hourshifts [S1-3].

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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