Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Safety and the Radio System

*Safety and the Radio System

While the taxi networks are obliged under the OH&SA to ensure driver safety, the DOT don't have sufficient knowledge, staff or intention to police or enforce this requirement. This was evident from the DOT letter written by John McLoughlin [014]. When specifically asked whether the Networks' radio systems could respond to an attack on adriver when that driver had forgotten or failed to key in his driver authority identification pin number, McLoughlin chose to ignore theissue. He responded by merely reiterating the need for the driver to conform to the "Code of Conduct" and obey the radio rules. WouldWorkCover approve of a system that leaves a driver exposed to violence and physical attack simply because he has keyed in a wrong pin number? Is this a case of "Your punishment for not rememberingyour pin number... . is.. .DEATH !"

The "Taxi Council" argues that compulsory radios are to assist with driver safety. In reality it does not happen. For example the radio networks do not train operators properly to assist drivers under attack. The networks do not keep comprehensive statistics on the number/frequency/location/nature of attacks on drivers. If they do they do not make them available to drivers. For further details please refer to the questionnaires prepared by contained in the Keatsdale Report for the radio networks.

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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