Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Taxi Cab Inspection System:

10n. Taxi Cab Inspection System:

In May 1997 a letter to (the then Min. for Roads), Carl Scully,concerning the taxi cab inspection systems suggested that RTAinspectors police taxi bases during change-over times to maximiseefficiency and prevent shonky cabs getting on the road. It was alsosuggested that Taxi inspections should go back to the RTA fortechnical and other logistical reasons [AN1-3]. The Roads TransportAuthority also appointed an independent consultant to study the taxiindustry including the impact of the Authorised Taxi InspectionStations (private individuals under the guise of co-regulation). "Co-regulation" here means a taxi fleet owner operating out of a servicestation he has a financial stake in can inspect his own taxis anddeclare them roadworthy. I attended a session with the consultant atthe time. However, the report of this session has not been publishedyet. I wonder why?

Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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